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Schefmanbaby begins with two people (mom & dad) who fell in love with each other at a very young age, got married and as a result they had 3 beautiful children. During the period in which they raised the kids, they began to expect more from their children’s clothing and accessories, the furniture, the available solutions to carry your baby and so on..

The Story Continues…

Many parents often are not satisfied with the baby-products available to them. Looking to keep their newborn comfortable, they try several products from various brands, websites or shops. Some of these may be satisfactory, but many are not satisfying all their needs for comfort and ergonomics.

That’s where Schefmanbaby comes in; we are constantly looking for companies that design their baby products for utensils, technical systems and tasks that promote the safety, health, comfort and effective functioning of babies as well as the comfort for parents. Our motto is “parent’s love for their children”.

Our Goals:

Schefmanbaby proves that high-quality and good design are not mutually exclusive nor need to be expensive.

We offer the finest products from trusted US and European suppliers. Our product range covers your baby from only the best available food formula’s, baby care, baby carriers & accessories, diapers, diaper bags & many more.

We carefully chose to nourish YOUR Baby with only the best available sustainable products. We team up with you in your splendid care for your baby and stand for the quality in everything we sell. Our current customers show their appreciation by coming back to us, again and again.

We are connoisseurs with a lot of experience. In addition to making use of the wide product portfolio you can also make use of our free and personal advice as we take time to improve the (quality of) product selected for your baby.

Schefmanbaby aims to meet the needs of caring and demanding parents as well as those that are seeking a very personal gift for that special person in their life.

Happy cheers to your beautiful baby and his or her comfortable life!

Claire & João

Founder of Schefmanbaby



  1. One of the things that really amazes me is your commitment to success. Your have such great hearts. And knowing you for many years I know you wouldn’t build a business like this just for the sake of gain. It means that you really care and believe that these wonderful products can make a difference for parents and their babies.
    So, on that note, I wish you God’s many blessings!

  2. Wow familie ,
    Wat een zegening te zien hoe God in jullie leven aan het werk is. Door te zien hoe jullie zo dichterbij God zijn gegroeid is een grote vreugde voor mijn. Ik ken jullie ook all meer dan 10 jaar en ik geloof dat deze bedrijf is opgebouwd voor een mooie en gezegende doel. Ik wens jullie heel veel suc6 tie met God aan jullie zijde en mij steun hebben jullie.

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